uane Law, L.Ac. is among the earliest acupuncturists licensed in the west.

“Back then we all wanted to be naturopaths, to heal with nutrients, food, herbs, our hands. But there was no naturopath license at the time. We noticed that acupuncturists were legally allowed to do all those things. So we all became acupuncturists.”

Duane came of age on the autistic spectrum in the 1960s in Los Angeles.

“There was so much lead in the air, there was such a casual attitude toward toxins in our food, in our water, in and around the home. I come from a very dysfunctional family with genetic SNPs impairing detoxification and neurotransmitter formation. Looking back at it now I can see we were all poisoned. At the time we all thought it was each other.”

Getting no help from conventional medicine Duane set out to figure out what had gone wrong.

“This lead me to an interest in nutrition and organic food. In my twenties I helped get a successful food co-op off the ground in northern California. I was an acupuncturist by my late twenties, but I’ve always kept my early interest in how profoundly food affects us.”

“Being healthy isn’t about being a saint,” he says. “It’s about being informed and taking informed action.”

Duane has a special gift for making the body’s mysteries simple and clear. He’s taught and lectured widely and was the first acupuncturist on staff at Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic in Los Angeles. It helps that he’s been through his own healing journey.

“Your body’s a lot like a billion billion little soap bubbles. Take a handful of sand and sprinkle it over those bubbles. They’ll start to pop. That’s a bit like inflammation attacking our cells.”

When in school in the 70s Duane lived on the cheapest food he could find. That’s typically processed carbs. He rapidly became addicted to sweets, pasta and breads like a lot of people under today’s typically-high levels of stress.

“At one point I lost my ability to talk. I wanted out.”

Law found his way to an early holistic psychiatrist, who eliminated all carbs from his diet for a period of several months.

“At first I thought I was going to die. But it wasn’t long before the clouds began to clear. It was an incredible feeling – the first time in my life I hadn’t been anxious or depressed!”

This started Duane down the road to a life of healing work.

“If such a simple change in my diet had produced such a profound improvement in my mind and mood … I wanted to know: what else is there?”

But as he became an acupuncturist Duane noticed that it didn’t seem to work quite as well in the west as in asia. Over time however, a few patients stood out from the rest.

“They responded ten times faster than all the others.” Law says. “I quizzed them and it became clear that every single one of these patients had had the good luck to grow up on a diet of food that had come straight out of the ground; that had never seen the inside of a supermarket.

Duane began telling all his patients to start enhancing their nourishment with a few select micronutrient formulas.

“It became clear really fast that those who took their nutrients got better a lot faster, and didn’t have as many fallbacks once we’d stopped my acupuncture.”

Law doesn’t sell the nutrient formulas he recommends.

“Trust has to come first.” he adds. “I want my patients to know who I’m working for. There’s a reason docs’ offices aren’t drugstores too, you know.”


I don’t sell anything I recommend.

I remember why doc’s offices aren’t drugstores.


I don’t sell anything I recommend.

I remember why doc’s offices aren’t drugstores.

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