A Weekly State-of-the-Art Eblast Makes It Easy.


Not too often …

        Once a week is about right.

Here’s What You’ll Need…
Your Own Website & Domain

In order for this to work, you’ll need to have a domain registered with an authorized registrar. And frankly it’s best to have your own website. If this web jargon is confusing to you, just ask us and we’ll be glad to explain.

There’s lots of easy ways to create a simple website these days and we might even be able to help if you need one.

A Campaign Monitor Account

At this time we’re using Campaign Monitor for our eblast vendor. If your contact list is smaller than 499 this costs $9/month; 500-1499 is $29/month.

We’ll help you sign up (to use our eblasts you need to be listed as our client) but we charge no premium over Campaign Monitor’s prices; we have no affiliate relationship with them.

Your Web Host Login Credentials

In order to send your eblasts from Campaign Monitor we need to configure something called a DKIM record.

Simply put, when this is done every server around the world will be updated to recognize that emails Campaign Monitor is sending for you are actually coming from you.

Otherwise those servers will see your emails coming from an IP address that’s not associated with your website and they’ll be undeliverable. Without DKIM records configured properly the world’s servers will think they’re coming from someone pretending to be you (this is called “spoofing“).

Every web host handles these a little differently, so we’re set up to take care of this for you once we have your web host log-in credentials.

If you prefer to keep those secret we can coach you through the process. Remember though, if you have us do this for you, you can always change your web host password after we’re done.

A Logo, a Call To Action Graphic, Maybe A Headshot and Bio

There are three places your eblast can be customized.

First is your logo, which goes at the top. 

Second is a call-to-action graphic. In our eblast examples (scroll down to view the gallery) this is the graphic mid-email. This is a key element for generating new or repeat business: it’s an invitation for readers to get in touch with you. 

The third, if you like, is a headshot and brief bio which goes at the bottom of the eblast. 

You only get one chance to make a first impression. For the best aesthetic and presentation, we suggest these be professional designs. We include a new call-to-action in our setup fee ($125).

We’ll need your logo in PNG or JPG format. If you need a logo created we can do that for you or adapt yours (if it’s not in JPG or PNG format) at our regular customization rate ($50/hr).

An Email List We Can Upload

We’ll need a list of the email addresses you want to blast to in electronic form.

This can be as simple as a text or Word doc, an Excel or other spreadsheet, or even a database.

If you already have an account with an eblast service provider like Constant Contact or Mailchimp, we can help you download it from there (or do it for you).

If your list is in paper form, it’ll have to be typed into one of the above electronic document types. You can do that, or we might be able to help with that, too (depends on our workload).

Previous Eblast Designs and Content

No. 1 Detoxify 

Going Non-Toxic

• Restore the Ecosystem

• New hope for resolving the Plastic Trash Island

No. 2 Self Care

Processed Food

• Pregnancy Acupuncture

• Cranio-Sacral pressure point massage

No. 3 Immunity

• Building evergeen immunity
• Algae heals diabetic wounds
• Reduce Allergie with probiotics

No. 4 Clean Up

Choosing the right filter

• Hungry & hangry

• Healthy oil options

No. 5 Illness

Citizen/Scientists Fight Huntington’s

• Gut & Brain Health

• Epigenetics

No. 6 Antivirals

• Asian Herbs Protect Against Respiratory Viruses

• “Thieves Oil” and Pandemic Protection

• Meat Plants Forced to Stay Open

No. 7 ADHD

• Five Biotypes of Depression

• Butyrate for Gut & Brain Health

• Sleep Deprivation and ADHD

No. 8 GMO Free

• GMO-free is Not the Same as Organic

• Diet & Cardiovascular Disease

• Sourcing the Right Supplements

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