Because it helps us thrive and survive.


emember your twenties?

(If you’re in your twenties now … please savor them.)

Remember going all day and all night and jumping right up in the morning and never looking back?

Remember how … in your thirties … recovering from those all-nighters became more of a challenge?

Here’s one way of looking at that: in our twenties … we have more organic reserve upon which to draw.

We’re made of stouter stuff when we’re young. So we bounce back faster.

Some of us catch every flu that comes along.

Some of us never do. That suggests stronger organic reserve.

At the other end of the spectrum … some folks have one heart attack or stroke and they’re gone.

Now to be sure … blind luck plays a certain role in that. As does the effort and attention we put into eating clean and keeping chronic inflammation under control.

But those who survive in all likelihood also, as a group, have more organic reserve. Particularly those who go on to make a full recovery.

Organic reserve is more than strength.

It’s the ability to build strength, and even more: to maintain it over time.



Organic reserve is more than strength.

It’s the ability to build strength, and even more: to maintain it over time.

Organic Reserve in the Wild.

One of the best places to see organic reserve in action is to go spend some time in an assisted living center.

Some of the folks living there will be alert and strong. They’ll move quickly, meet your gaze and smile.

Spend enough time living there and often you’ll see that if they hit a medical crisis, they bounce back and make a complete recovery.

And then … there’s all the others.

One of the reasons to build strong organic reserve when we’re younger is so that as we age we can “flatten the morbidity curve.”

Everyone assumes that it’s a natural thing for us to start slowing down in our forties or fifties. People mostly resign themselves to a slow but steady glide path down into the senescence and disability that we all regard as our inevitable fate.

Building organic reserve is the alternative. That’s “flattening the morbidity curve.” Essentially, using the most up-to-date science-based nutritional interventions informed by new understandings about how chronic inflammation ages us … and what we can do about … we “prop the curve up.”

We want to maintain something close to normal function … to be that eighty-five year old charging up the mountain every day in running shoes … until very close to the very end.

And now we can. It’s not even all that hard.


Wise nations invest in their people, knowing they’re the true source of society’s strength.



Wise nations invest in their people, knowing they’re the true source of society’s strength.

Running on Reserve

Many lifetimes ago I had a very old VW bus, 1958 vintage. It was already a very old machine when it found its way into my hands.

It had a 36 horsepower engine. Whenever I got on the freeway I had to time things just like an 18-wheeler with a load of lumber. Wait for a long break in traffic. Be patient as everyone else whizzes by and hope they’re patient with you. After about two to three minutes of acceleration I’d be approaching top cruising speed … about 50 mph.

That old bus didn’t have a gas gauge.

Instead it had a “reserve tank.” You’d find out you were low on gas when the engine cut out tooling down the road.

But all one had to do was pull a little knob and gas from the reserve tank would flood into the main tank, restarting the engine well before the bus could coast to a stop.

None of us know when our body’s main tanks will empty and we’ll need our reserve. The ancient Chinese associated reserve with strong kidney chi; today we think more in terms of telomere length and mitochondrial competency.

But however we frame it … if we’ve built up our organic reserve during the good times … if we’ve rested and nourished ourselves well, enjoyed our lives and exercised reasonably … then when some kind of health or personal crisis hits, we’re more likely to survive it and then still have what it takes to bounce back ourselves. Everyone else gets the flu and we get sniffles for a day.

So What Exactly IS Organic Reserve?

It’s the sum total of how well we treat our genes over the course of our lifetimes. What demands do we place on them? How well do we nourish them? How stressed are we? How toxic?

It’s how cleanly the mitochondria in our cells burn fuel to make energy. It’s how quickly and thoroughly the enzymes that repair our DNA go about their work after we’ve pushed ourselves too hard.

It’s how calm our guts and brains, it’s how deeply we sleep. Night is the time when our bodies rebuild themselves. The emotions we take to bed with us matter.

Organic reserve helps us age slowly and keep our wits about us as we do so. Organic reserve means that when we fall, we get up again. On all levels.

Strong organic reserve recovers quickly from life’s setbacks. It’s the biological equivalent of having a lot of money in the bank, or that special circle of friends who come through for each other year after year.

The wise invest in building their cell and tissue organic reserve, knowing it’s the fastest way to heal and the best way to stay healthy.


The wise invest in building their cell and tissue organic reserve, knowing it’s the fastest way to heal and the best way to stay healthy.

So How Do We Build Strong Organic Reserve?

The same way most of us build up a nest egg or a circle of friends. One day at a time … by doing a good job of looking after things.

I help dedicated clients do just that. You can find out how it all works here.

First I listen to your story. Then I ask a million questions, and get some objective data from any recent bloodwork if that’s available. I’ll gently suggest you consider getting the latest functional medicine labs. If that’s an option, or even if it’s not, I can help you learn:

  1. How to be sure you’re giving your genes all the right nutrients so they can express themselves fully and generate good organic reserve.
  2. How to boost, focus and tame your immune system so it becomes an ally in the struggle against infectious disease and chronic inflammation instead of triggering autoimmune inflammation.
  3. Self-care stress-melting techniques for deepening sleep, turning down overactive stress hormones. How to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and reset your brain and endocrine system to meet the challenges life throws all of us.
  4. Tune up your metabolic and endocrine system to generate more energy and create a vibrant body, mind and spirit.
  5. Teach you how to select the right homeopathic flower essences to help you process any emotional burdens you’re still carrying from the past, clearing the psychological deck to be more present today.

If you already have or are willing to get a genetic test, that gives us the same kind of information that a good schematic gives a repair person. This can be very helpful. Remember, it’s not about what horrible diseases you’re doomed to get. It’s a road map that can help you steer clear of them.

Those take about two months from the time one submits a sample until the time results are ready.

So it’s good to get a jump on things if you’re interested in all that and haven’t gotten one yet.

Schedule a complimentary initial call so we can get to know each other a bit and decide if we’re a good fit.

Life’s not getting any simpler or easier. Building strong organic reserve is one of the best ways to be sure we’re metabolically prepared to face whatever the future sends our way.

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