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here’s a direct connection between the things we need to do to build strong resistance and the things we need to do to stand up and be counted when it counts.

Organizing a strong resistance consumes large amounts of resources and energy. The effort should be precisely focused for best effects.

Physiologically, strong, healthy immune function protects us from microbial and chemical danger. A healthy immune system is the crown of metabolism. We can’t dodge or weave; we can’t take any self-care shortcuts if we want our resistance to be strong.

Immunity is everywhere in our bodies at once and nowhere in particular. It gives us our gut feelings and has a powerful effect not only on the way we think, but on how much we think we can do at all.

Everything we do to help us strengthen immunity and target it more precisely will simultaneously help us focus more of our attention on the larger issues we all need to face. Ensuring the body has everything it needs for our resistance to thrive will also give us the strong personal energy and clear spirit we need to rise to the challenge of whatever lies ahead.

So that’s the connection: building a healthy immune system will build our strength, our vision, our ability to analyze, to see things clearly and take effective action. If we’re going to be successful in the season that’s coming … we have to be firing on all cylinders.

So this is about a lot more than just dealing with a respiratory virus.

It’s about what all of us need to do to build the bodies and minds we’ll need to get organized and active about anything in life, and hang in there long enough to see our efforts bear fruit.


Building strong immunity is about a lot more than just fighting a flu.


Building strong immunity is about a lot more than just fighting a flu.

When immunity is well-nourished and targeted it keeps us young and strong. When it goes off the rails it creates the constant, low-grade inflammation feeding chronic pain and all the other diseases of aging.

So how do we build strong, well-targeted immunity?

First, we make sure our bodies are getting everything they need to do their work, and learn how to steer clear of anything that gets in the way.

Second, we screen for common patterns that can mistarget immunity, creating chronic low grade inflammation and mental/emotional pain while weakening our defenses.

Keep vitamin C levels up. We learn the best ways to use vitamin C and which common “foods” block it.

Measure vitamin D status and bring it up to optimal levels.

And above all, if we stumble and a virus starts to take over … recognize it immediately and take prompt action (minutes and hours can matter) to kick in our immune afterburners so we can help our immune cells outrace the microbes.

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