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Enjoy! (& How to Skip the Hangover while Doing So …)

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his is the time of year when I like to clue everyone in about how to enjoy a few drinks without suffering a hangover the next morning.

Everybody thinks healing is all about being a saint. It’s not. It’s about being informed.

It’s about spotting the things we enjoy that need to become delicacies instead of staples. Sacred celebrations instead of daily rituals.

So this is the time of year when it’s seemed like a good idea to say something like, “Hey, enjoy! And here’s how to protect your liver so you don’t spend way too much of tomorrow horizontal with a headache.”

If you indulge the bubbly (and its cousins) on those special occasions, you should know about N-acetyl-cysteine, aka NAc. Especially if you can have a little too much when you do.

In almost everybody, NAc helps the liver detox alcohol. Somewhere between 500-2,500 mg generally does the job. Take a 5-600mg NAc or two with your first swig or sip and another 1-3 afterwards (those are the most important) and presto: no hangover!

Incidentally, NAc is also very protective of the lungs for those who prefer their libations in less liquid form …

(Heads-up: about 12% of the population doesn’t do well with sulphur-containing compounds like NAc because of a genetic issue. You may already know who you are: eggs and onions might leave you foggy-headed or grumpy. And you may already avoid alcohol because you’re so sensitive to it. If that’s you … there’s a workaround: liposomal glutathione. It’d be good to learn more about this issue because those with this gene will have issues with more than just booze.)

Now … if you drink like a fish day after day … that’s a different issue. Sure, NAc might help you survive such a regime with your liver intact … but your real solution will be l-glutamine. Three grams of that/day for a few weeks’ll help most alcoholics kick the habit if they want to. It cuts the cravings.

Unless you’re a full-blown alcoholic (and you know who you are) there’ll be time for that in January. Right now my advice is: enjoy!

Take some NAc along for the ride and you’ll enjoy the morning after, too!

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