Your instructions are below.

Thanks for signing up for a database flower consult.

Please send an email to me with the issue(s) for which you’d like me to scan the database. You’ve purchased one search for $10.

Be sure to select your keyword from the list you can download by clicking this link. The download will appear in your downloads folder (look for “Issues_List_2015” in the folder.)

Each keyword you request will produce anywhere from a few to dozens of flower possibilities. If you’re requesting more than one search, I’ll send a paypal invoice for the additional searches. The cost is $5 for each additional search.

Please consider purchasing the Flower Essence Repertory from the Flower Essence Society for a more complete picture. They also offer excellent training courses.

There’s a complete selection of flower essences in their online store. It’s the place to access the most comprehensive product line at the best prices.

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