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irst of all, thanks for enrolling in my course.

This page is where you can download the resources I promised for this course.

There’s also an edited version of the video recording that replaces the segments missing from the LearnItLive version as a function of that platform’s shortcomings.

Please note well the source and authors of the material I’ve provided here for this course.

The Flower Essence Society people, Richard Katz and Patricia Kaminsky, have done an outstanding job and I encourage you to consider their more in-depth courses when you’re ready to go further in your studies.

You’ll find more links to their websites and their book below.


Def: Synchronicity.
 n: Meaningful coincidences.
    - Carl Jung

Flower Essence Database Search

Get Help Picking the Best Essences

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Flower Essence Repertory Excerpts

Here in California, prescribing homeopathics like flower essences is not within my scope of practice.

So I’m careful to be sure that I’m educating my clients instead about how flower essences work and facilitating a process where they pick their own, to avoid prescribing for them.

First I send them a list of issues (drawn from Katz & Kaminsky’s work) and tell them to pick just two. That’s a little hard sometimes, because it’s very tempting for most people to pick at least a dozen! You can download that list by clicking its graphic link, below.

Then I go to a database I’ve developed (again, drawing from Katz & Kaminsky) and send them a list of flowers that could potentially address those issues. It’s not unusual for there to be 10-20 flowers that mention each keyword they’ve selected. Sometimes more.

I tell them to read through the fourth, narrative paragraph. It’s not unusual for people to see themselves at least partially in a number of the flower possibilities. But the ones we want to work with are the ones that “jump off” of the page, that elicit the strongest responses. “Yeah, that’s ME!”

Clicking the links below will give you the issues, list, then five more detailed documents from the Katz & Kaminsky database with detailed flower descriptions, and then links to the Flower Essence Society store and the more advanced courses FES offers.

This is the edited version of the video Learn It Live recorded of my April 17, 2021 event.

That video had huge issues; it failed to record my video inserts, which made me look like a bumbling fool! lol

This version has also had the most annoying aspects of the audio “pops” that the Learn It Live version graciously added, just to make life interesting.

Do I have an attitude problem? 🙂

Anyways, this is the full version of that video the way it was meant to be. Enjoy!

This video first appeared as part of a ten-part series, “Complementary Kids,” on the Discovery Channel in 2001. It is no longer available at Discovery but can be found online here.

The use of Bach Flowers to heal the aftereffects of bullying and trauma is described beginning about 04:45.

How To Choose Your Flowers

Now picking the best flower essences is everything.

The homeopaths of old consulted and did their best to memorize long lists of symptom pictures, their materia medica. The idea was to find the precise homeopathic medicine whose symptom picture most closely matched that of the patient. This usually meant spending hours interviewing the patient in depth, and then more long hours and even days combing through very thick books with very small type.

Where did the information in those books come from? Early homeopaths did 19th century science on a heroic scale. They poisoned themselves with everything under the sun and took detailed notes of all the symptoms. Then they got together in professional societies and compared notes.

Symptoms they all agreed on as characteristic of a particular substance’s poisoning … would become the precise symptoms they’d use to to select an extremely dilute preparation of that same substance to do the work of healing. To the extent that there was a theory, again … it was that giving the body something along the lines of an energetic “signature” of a substance would be enough to trigger the body’s instinct to push that substance out, thus also healing the same set of symptoms caused by … well … in the case of homeopathic flower essences … life.

Today we have computers to do all the hard work. So, if you want help with this process, here’s what we can do.

  1. I’ll send you a list of keywords. Try to pick only one or two … maybe three. More than that and you’ll have a serious too-much-information issue on your hands.
  2. I’ll go through my database and pull out detailed symptom descriptions for the flowers you may need, based on those keywords.
  3. Read through and reflect on the descriptions one by one. Some of them will be clearly inappropriate (but you might want to check back in a day or two just to be sure you’er not overlooking something at first; it’s hard to see behind our own eyeballs.)
  4. If you’re part of a couple and brave enough … pick them for each other. Mindful of the occasional truth that what disturbs us most about others are the things we don’t like about ourselves and might be having trouble admitting to … pick flowers for each other and then … both of you take all of them!)
  5. What you’re looking for are the ones that “jump out” at you. Many of the descriptions will be 100% off … some only half right … but then there’ll be a few where you’re reaction will be … “Ah HAH!!! That’s me.”

Those are the ones we want to work with.

Flower Essence Database Search

Get Help Picking the Best Essences

One Database Keyword Search


  • Additional keyword searches $5 each
  • Personalize your flower formulas

And again, the best place to order them is FES Flowers. They sell the little bottles the Bach Center people stopped selling years ago. If you follow the Bach Center’s directions, you’ll be putting drops from the bottles directly under your tongue.

This is a hassle … and you’ll burn through their more expensive and much larger bottles very quickly.

Follow the dosing method I describe in the course video … adding them to a hydration bottle and sipping from that all day long not only saves money but seems to work more reliably. (Btw … we recognize glass bottles are better for our health and the environment than plastic ones … just don’t try to bounce them on a tabletop. Use the heel of the hand instead.)

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