It’s hard to sum up a medical practice in a few words.

Here’s what I think: my job is to hasten the day when you don’t need people like me. Doctors and healers and suchlike should be more like houseguests who come and go than roommates.

I think the things we do every day can have so much more of a powerful effect on restoring health than almost all of what the healthcare industry offers.

That medicine is great for saving lives in emergencies. It can fall down a little on the job when it comes to chronic disease. After all, that’s why those conditions ARE chronic – regular medicine has no good answers for them.

Today there’s a new medicine that’s been developed to address chronic disease. Grounded in science but informed by systems thinking and new evidence showing the influence of food, nutrients and the gut on our health, this medicine is called Functional Medicine.


Good medicine is like good detective work, especially when dealing with chronic conditions. One wants to weigh all the evidence, listen to all the witnesses, leave no stone unturned. It helps to have more than one working mind focused on the puzzle. That’s why it’s best when patients get involved.

But in order for that to work well you need to be informed. So when someone works with me they’re not only getting a healer with 35 years’ background in fixing things conventional docs haven’t been able to fix, they’re also getting a teacher and signing up for a tutorial.

Watch the video below to get a better idea of how the process works.

The first step is for you and I to get to know each other a little better.

Use the button below to book your free initial twenty-minute consult. I’ll want to hear your story and see if I think your situation is one I can help. You need to decide if I’m someone you think can help you.

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