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Leaky Gut, Leaky Brain

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ne of the key concepts informing Functional Medicine is the idea that gut health is critical to the health of the rest of us.

And that means, if we want to kick just about any chronic disease to the curb, we need to focus on strengthening, balancing and nourishing our digestive systems.

It turns out that the microbiome … the 4.5 pounds of healthy bacteria that live harmoniously with us in our guts (at least when we treat them well) have a powerful controlling influence on our overall inflammatory tone.

This is why those of us in the know are so strict about staying away from non-organic food. Trace quantities of agricultural toxins have been shown to be powerful antibiotics in the gut. Those chemicals may not be hurting our own metabolisms (at least if one accepts the industry-sponsored research demonstrating safety) but they can play havoc on our microbiomes … and that then plays havoc with us.

Here’s a brief discussion of how all that can influence our thinking and our moods.

This segment is gratefully excerpted from Trudy Scott’s excellent Anxiety Summit: Season Four.

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