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Meet The Cells That Keep Your Brain Young

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artha Herbert, MD is a Harvard researcher focused on building brain health as a way of overcoming autistic spectrum disorders. But it turns out that the benefits extend way beyond helping spectrum people live normal lives: the same interventions also prolong the years we get to enjoy working minds.

This short segment explains the role of glial and microglial cells in keeping our brains young and focused. Glial cells do the brain’s “housekeeping.” Microglial cells are innate immune cells that can cause brain inflammation if they detect something’s gotten into the brain that shouldn’t be there (or sometimes if they’ve just heard false rumors spread by activated innate immune cells elsewhere in the body.) We call the effect of this immune over-reaction autoimmune disease.

This segment is gratefully excerpted from Deanna Minich’s 2014 Detox Summit.

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