Nutrition training with a mental health focus.


he right amino acid can change someone’s mood profoundly in a matter of minutes.

That’s because the brain makes neurotransmitters from aminos, assuming the right cofactors are present in adequate amounts.

This makes learning the clinical application of amino acids one of the fastest ways to achieve basic competency in the use of nutrients and food to extend and enhance the benefits of therapy and healing work.

Neurotransmitter enhancement is much the same strategy psychoactive pharmaceuticals pursue, except that drugs force more neurotransmitters into our synapses by blocking the pathways that reabsorb them once they’ve done their job. Essentially, drugs tell neurotransmitters to keep talking long past the time when they’d otherwise fall silent.

When we rely on strategies that supply a rich mix of neurotransmitter raw materials and cofactors instead, it gives the body and brain a lot more say in the matter

This simplifies things and makes working this way safe enough that informed guidance and self-care become possible, helping therapists and others avoid scope of practice issues.

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