Acupuncture and Mental Health

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When: Sunday, December 12, 1PM Pacific Standard Time (US and Canada. GMT-8))

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A COMMON LAST MINUTE SNAFU: IF YOUR ZOOM LOG-IN EMAIL IS DIFFERENT THAN THE ONE YOU USED TO PURCHASE THE COURSE, ZOOM MAY LOSE ITS MIND AND REFUSE TO LET YOU IN. Best ahead-of-time solutions: either change your Zoom log-in email to match the one you use to make purchases … or just start a new free Zoom account with the purchase email as the log-in and use that to get into the course on Sunday. Try to set this up before Sunday, please.

Please log-in ten to fifteen minutes early! That way there’ll be time for me to help you sort out any technical issues with attending. Once the webinar begins I may not be able to break away to help you.

If you encounter any issues joining the webinar, please text me (DON’T CALL) at (310) 498-2777 and we’ll figure out how to get you in.

If you can’t attend the live webinar, instructions will be emailed to you when the recorded version is ready re: how to access the recording and receive credit for the course. This takes about a week.

If you have a specific request(s) or question(s) (or questions) you’d like the instructor to address during the course, please click here to send them in advance so I can prepare.

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