Understanding & Healing Long COVID

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(9am-2pm PDT, 10am-3pm MDT, 12pm-5pm EDT)

You need to have either a free (or paid, either will do) Zoom account and be logged into Zoom to join. If Zoom tells you you’re not “authenticated,” that means you have to log in.

We’ve noticed that for some people, even logging into Zoom doesn’t allow them to join by clicking the link above. If that happens to you, try using the meeting ID to join instead:

830 4514 3116

And then … as a last resort … some people find that if neither of the above methods work, they can log in through Facebook. I have no idea why that works or even how to do it.

Please log-in ten to fifteen minutes early! That way there’ll be time for me to help you sort out any technical issues with attending. Once the webinar begins I may not be able to break away to help you.

If you encounter any issues joining the webinar, please text me (DON’T CALL) at (310) 498-2777 and we’ll figure out how to get you in.

If you can’t attend the live webinar, instructions will be emailed to you when the recorded version is ready re: how to access the recording and receive credit for the course. This takes about a week.

If you have a specific request(s) or question(s) (or questions) you’d like the instructor to address during the course, please click here to send them in advance so I can prepare.

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