Protector & Link-Breaker


re you a highly sensitive person (HSP)?

Or …

Are you a health or mental health professional who’s fully present for their clients, and find therefore that at the end of the day you’re displaying symptoms you thought you were helping heal in them?

Or …

Did someone important to you leave with unfinished business? Did they ghost you?

Did someone near and dear to you pass on?

Or …

Have you experienced a pattern of weird synchronicites in your life? A string of events some might be tempted to call “bad luck?”

Walnut may be the Bach Flower for you.

Many, many moons ago I had a psychic friend. I know, I know … right.

But here’s how she introduced herself: a friend connected us and asked me if I could do a trade of services. She came and I gave her an acupuncture treatment … and then it was my turn.

I started to ask my question. I got about three words out of my mouth when she held up her hand. She then proceeded to address the question I hadn’t even asked yet … including a detailed run down of the person I was asking about before I’d had a chance to speak their name. She got a lot of details right … things I already knew about the object of my inquiry but hadn’t had a chance to mention. She then mentioned a number of things I didn’t know, but which made sense given what I did … and predicted the relationship would go nowhere. Time proved her correct.

That disarmed my skepticism quite effectively.

This friend spent her some of her evenings doing psychic readings in a club at a popular Hollywood tourist attraction. The gig was 5-minute readings and she’d do hundreds of them over a three-day weekend. She’d get home exhausted Sunday night and it would take her two or three days to fully recover … just in time to head back in and do another round.

I suggested Walnut flower essence … and she immediately reported her recovery time was dramatically shortened. She had her personal time back again.

I used to teach acupressure to massage therapists. One season there was an very small and extremely pregnant woman in the class. It was an night class and she was perpetually fatigued. One evening she fell asleep in the middle of class.

I asked her what was going on. She told me she was due in a few weeks, and still working her job: doing hour after hour of massage in a hospice ward in a local hospital, caring for people in their last few weeks of life.

I told her about Walnut. Next class: bright, alert and her old self again.

As I write this it seems my 97-year old father is getting ready to become a much more luminous, if somewhat less substantial, version of himself. He’s blissfully accepting of what’s coming; the rest of us not so much so.

Today I put Walnut in our hydration bottles.

It’s said Walnut is the “link-breaker,” and to be sure it’s good for the kinds of situations that sometimes call for cord-cutting:

  • breakups & divorces,
  • sudden job losses
  • losing one’s home
  • or anyone close to you …

all that.

Walnut is also protection: dealing with bullies:

  • The IRS.
  • Difficult children or adolescents
  • Sibling rivalries.
  • Old sibling rivalries that can resurface when parents are finally taking their leave.
  • Difficult bosses or coworkers

For that matter, anyone living life with any gusto is bound to kick over a few anthills from time to time, even if unintentionally.

Walnut can help with making sure that none of those ants have a chance to sting: that any blowback blows over.

For directions on how to use Walnut, click here.

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