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Why the Health Coach?

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here’s two ways to get old. Hands-off … and hands-on

There’s two ways to deal with chronic disease.

Accept what your docs and healers tell you as the last word. Or go hunting for better answers yourself.

More people today are taking the second approach, because insurance cutbacks and demoralized by-the-book docs don’t have real solutions for them. But studying medicine and how to heal on one’s own can be daunting. Dr. Internet has many mouths and they don’t all agree with each other.

That’s why finding a coach can be a good idea. Not someone to diagnose and prescribe, that’s what docs do. Coaches help you find your way to health-enhancing answers that work for you. Planning an expedition into unknown terrain? Find a good guide.

Someone to help hold back the tsunami of information we can all drown in online and focus us on what really matters. Someone to sort through the drawers and shelves of supplements we’ve accumulated over the years and tell us what’s really working.

That’s how I’m spending more and more of my time these days. And for good reason: informed self-care is where all the excitement is in medicine these days.

Remember how genetics was going to transform medicine forever? Well … it has. Just not in the way some may have thought.

It turns out that cases where a single gene gets tied to a specific disease are rare. What we have instead are broad families of genes working together more or less functionally. Just like some families communicate better than others, some sets of genes seem to work more harmoniously together where others present challenges.

But here’s the thing: it turns out to be much simpler in most cases to work our way around any genetic issues we may have with nutrition than with medication.

And that means we get much more bang for our buck by using that genetic information ourselves to build programs of preventive self-care.

That’s why more and more of us are going “left of bang” these days and enlisting a health coach to help us learn how to make use of the new information.

Frankly … providing that support is more fun for me, too. Because we get better results.


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