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Winter Reboot -


A strong, well-tuned metabolism is the best health insurance.


ake twenty people and trap them in an office christmas party where someone has the bad taste to show up coughing and sneezing. A few days later some will be getting a head cold and others won’t. What’s the difference?

A dozen people have strokes. Some recover their function and others don’t. Why?

When we’re in our twenties we can pull all-nighters, go out the next day and do it all over again. By the time we’re in our forties … that all becomes a bit more problematic. How come?

Two words: organic reserve.

Building Organic Reserve is the key to a long, productive disease-free life. It’s a good way to heal a lot of otherwise non-responsive chronic disease, too. How to build strong Organic Reserve is the focus of our Winter Healing Team.

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Sunday, Feb 4:
Basic Micronutrients & Suggested Labwork
We learn about crucial cofactors and elements missing from modern diets and what to do about it. We introduce the new generation of Functional Medicine labs that allow us to spot metabolic bottlenecks before they cause irreversible damage.

Sunday, Feb 18:
Pro-Inflammatory Foods & Thyroid | Metabolism
A key concept in the new medicine is the way modern industrialized food and urban environments expose us to toxins that keep our immune systems in a constant state of quiet alarm. This ages us prematurely and sets the stage for all the chronic diseases of aging, including common thyroid issues.

Sunday, March 4:
Adrenal Recovery & Lab Interpretation
Healing stressed adrenals is key to resetting our endocrine balance and all the other body systems our hormones control. By now our labs are back and we spend our session going over them, what they mean and what to do about them.

Sunday, March 18:
Detox Prep, Intro to Genetics & Flower Essences
21st century science meets 19th century wisdom as we take a tour of some of the most common genetic SNPs that set the stage for chronic disease: those that inhibit our detoxification systems. We end with a chance to pick the homeopathic flower essences best suited to helping us thrive in the year ahead.

Four Meetings
over Two Months:

Feb 4, Feb 18, Mar 4, Mar 18

Sundays, 4pm (PST) | approx 90 mins


  • Four Biweekly Webinar/Group Coaching Sessions
  • Full Recordings Avail for All Participants
  • Each Group Limited to Six Participants
  • Team Up with a Healing Buddy
  • Takes about 2-3 hours/week
  • Your Own Personalized Healing Plan prepared for your individual needs by Duane Law, L.Ac.
  • Four Weeks to Change Your Life!
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Many lifetimes ago I had a very old VW bus, 1958 vintage. It was already a very old machine when it found its way into my hands.

It had a 36 horsepower engine. Merging onto the highway I had to time things just like an 18-wheeler with a load of lumber. Wait for a long break in traffic. Be patient as everyone else whizzes by and hope they’re patient with you.

That old bus didn’t have a gas gauge.

Instead it had a “reserve tank.” If you conked out tooling down the road, all you had to do was pull a little knob and gas from the reserve tank would flood into the main tank, restarting the engine before you could coast to a stop.

None of us know when our body’s main tanks will empty and we’ll need our reserve. The ancient Chinese associated reserve with strong kidney chi; today we think more in terms of telomere length and mitochondrial competency. But however we frame it … if we’ve built up our organic reserve during the good times … if we’ve rested and nourished and exercised reasonably … then when some kind of health or personal crisis hits, we’ve got what it takes to bounce back. Everyone else gets the flu and we get sniffles for a day.

So what IS organic reserve?

It’s the sum total of how well we treat our genes over the course of our lifetimes. What demands do we place on them? How well do we nourish them? How stressed are we? How toxic?

It’s how cleanly the mitochondria in our cells burn fuel to make energy. It’s how quickly and thoroughly the enzymes that repair our DNA go about their work after we’ve pushed ourselves too hard. It’s how calm our guts and brains, it’s how deeply we sleep. Night is the time when our bodies rebuild themselves. The emotions we take to bed with us matter.

Organic reserve helps us age slowly and keep our wits about us as we do so. Organic reserve means that when we fall, we get up again. On all levels.

Organic reserve bounces back from life’s setbacks. It’s the biological equivalent of having a lot of money in the bank, or that special circle of friends who come through for each other year after year.


It’s easier to grow and make better choices when we’re part of a team.



It’s easier to grow and make better choices when we’re part of a team.

So how do we build good organic reserve?

The same way most of us build up a nest egg or a circle of friends. One day at a time … by doing a good job of looking after things.

That’s what we’ll be learning about in our Winter Healing Circle, The Reboot – Rebuild Organic Reserve

I’ll be coaching small healing teams through a process of learning:

  1. how to be sure we’re giving our genes all the right nutrients so they can express themselves fully and generate good organic reserve,
  2. how to boost, focus and tame our immune systems so that they become allies in the struggle against infectious disease and chronic inflammation,
  3. self-care stress-melting techniques for deepening sleep, turning down overactive stress hormones. How to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and reset our brains and endocrine systems to meet the challenges of the coming year.
  4. tuning up metabolic and endocrine systems to generate energy and create a vibrant body, mind and spirit.
  5. homeopathic flower essences to help us process any emotional burdens we’re still carrying from the past year, clearing the psychological decks to be more present in the new.

Get on the Team this winter, build your reserve and rocket into the New Year ready to take on whatever comes.

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